Jr.KG Admissions 2022 - 2023

  1. Duration: - Registration will be from 16-06-2021 to 31-07-2021 only.
  2. Eligibility: - Children born between 01-10-2017 and 30-09-2018 are eligible for registration.
  3. Groups: Registration will be under 2 groups.
    1. Preferential: - siblings of bonafide students of Vidya Niketan only. (No Relatives)
    2. Open: - Rest of the applicants. Preference may be given to Physically Challenged parents, Active Defense Personnel, Single Parent & Ex Vidya Niketan students
    3. R.T.E: - 25% of available seats must be kept for RTE admissions, Online Registration Process of The Govt should be followed. No enquiries about his aspect, please.
  4. Reference of Vidya Niketan (current) student is compulsory for registration.
  5. The selection of Open group will be on ‘RANDOM SELECTION’ BASIS.
  6. Multiple registrations of same child are not allowed and may lead to cancellation of the registration.
  7. Admission allotment details should be checked on website from 05-09-2021 to 25-09-2021